COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness in terms of Infection Prevention & Control Protocols

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COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness in terms of Infection Prevention & Control Protocols

About the Virtual Class:

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, the old adage ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’ is taking on a whole new meaning. Many hospitals across the world have been transitioning into full-time COVID-19 Care Centers, and are directing all their staff to help fight the pandemic. In times like these, the need of the hour is to equip ourselves with as much knowledge as possible about Pandemic Preparedness in terms of Infection Prevention and Control Protocols. In the upcoming webinar, Dr. Savitha Nagaraj will talk about how hospitals can better prepare themselves and their teams to handle the pandemic.

Watch this Virtual Class to learn about:  

  • Precautions and safety measures for Healthcare workers
  • Hospital preparedness in terms of surge management and resource planning
  • COVID-19 response and containment measures
  • COVID 19: Now, Next and Beyond

Dr. Savitha Nagaraj

A resident of Bengaluru, Dr. Savitha Nagaraj dons many hats at St. Johns Medical College and Hospital, where she is a professor and heads the Department of Microbiology. She also heads the Infection Prevention and Control Department and the Quality and Services Department. As an Associate Medical Superintendent at her institute, she has worked over 20 years there and has been awarded the International Ambassador (India) from the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America in 2014.

Dr. Savitha Nagaraj is passionate about making quality healthcare available to one and all and takes a special interest in the area of Infection Prevention and Control. Along with being a teacher, guide and mentor to her students, she also collaborates with research scientists in the fields of innovation, identification of newer molecules, vaccine development and epidemiological trends of infectious disease and antibiotic resistance. She has also contributed her expertise in various national and international journals and conferences.

She lives by the following philosophy: Learn, share, educate and create awareness among all and believe that empowerment and self-sustainability is the way forward in healthcare, work and personal lives.