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In the world of fitness conscious people, a healthy heart is not only vital for strenuous physical activity sessions, but it also boosts the body’s immunity against any major disease. In fact, disorders of the heart & blood vessels commonly known as cardiovascular diseases are quite prevalent on a global scale. Over 17 million deaths take place from these disorders alone as per a statistical record from the World Heart Federation. The same source predicts that there will be 23 million deaths from CVDs by 2030 which is indeed alarming. Now the question is, what can be done to reduce this risk? Well, healthcare professionals have some tips for you to ensure that your heart is safeguarded against CVDs.

  1. Smoking is not a friend: At present, smoking is very common in younger and older generations alike. But there are no benefits from this habit in the long run. It’s necessary to stay away from tobacco as it increases the chances of heart ailments. Any tobacco related products can reduce the amount of oxygen in the blood which damages the walls of the blood vessels. It increases the stiffness of these vessels making it harder for them to function normally, thereby causing a heart attack, stroke, or angina. 
  2. Slimming down should be a priority: It’s difficult for some of us to control the foodie nature which resides within. This habit might often result in a bulging abdomen. Research from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology suggests that excess belly fat is directly linked to higher blood pressure and unhealthy lipid profile levels. So it’s wiser to lose the few extra pounds around your tummy via physical exercises and proper diet chart to keep ailments at bay.
  3. Consider a nutritious diet routine: Junk food won’t curb your heart risks. Hence a combination of healthy foods can lessen problems arising from excess weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Also, you need to make certain changes in your existing diet to prevent heart disease like cutting down salt intake, replace unhealthy fats with healthy ones (barley, oats, pears, avocados, etc.), and regulate alcohol intake. 
  4. Keeping your mind fit should be a priority: Consider the habit of sewing, knitting, solving Rubik’s cube, crossword puzzle, etc. to get relief from stress and depression. Heart diseases can often be a result of depression, social isolation, or lack of social support. Hence, having a good social life with friends and family helps a lot. 
  5. Check your numbers regularly: A thorough check of cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides level is very important for good heart health. Make sure that you’re aware of the optimal levels as per your age and sex group. Take all the necessary actions to meet and maintain those levels and consult a doctor on a regular interval. 

To sum it up, a strong motivation is required to avoid CVDs. A positive and healthier outlook is absolutely a must. However, it’s really commendable as to how the health professionals approach patients who suffer from serious heart issues. It does involve years of expertise and training in such an area. But it’s considered that evidence-based resuscitation education has resulted in increased retention and improved skills. 

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