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The term “healthy” means a state of complete physical and emotional well-being. Hence one needs to feel strong from the inside just as they feel from the outside. But how many of us actually pay attention to the issues affecting our mental self? The answer to this isn’t simple. A glance at the facts mentioned below may stun you:


Clearly, the situation of mental health awareness in India is grim and there’s a need to take proper precautions to improve it. Here are some of the ways you can ensure that you stay mentally healthy:

Social connection breeds positivity: A lot of things can indeed be done to feel better mentally and emotionally, but if you’re isolating yourself from people then these remedies won’t be enough. We’re after all social animals and therefore the company of friends and family are bound to bring positivity and prevent suicidal tendencies. In a hectic lifestyle, a simple phone call or a social media messenger might be our escape to network with friends or family, but nothing beats an old-fashioned face-to-face meeting. So make sure that you have these regular encounters often.

II.  Staying active nurtures health:All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” for sure! Mind and body are linked to each other, hence, when you engage yourselves with physical activities, your emotional well-being improves too. Daily exercises release endorphins which keep you at bay from stress, enhances memory, and helps you sleep better. However, it’s not necessary to assume that one can become a fitness enthusiast overnight. Regular walks in the morning, or swimming, or taking the stairs instead of lifts, or even cycling to work can help you stay active.

III. Stress level management brings balance: Stress in India is a big concern hindering mental well-being. The major causes behind it are – work, finance, and health-related issues. While it’s not possible to avoid these issues, but managing stress levels can definitely improve the situation. You have to figure out the ways which can calm you down. It can be talking to peers or family, or listening to music, or indulging in a hobby, or meditation. All of these ways have proven to bring the body in a state of balance reducing stress. 

IV. Wholesome diet consumption offers better immunity: Diet plays a very important role when it comes to improving health. What you eat or don’t eat affects the way you think or feel. An unhealthy diet can disrupt sleep cycles, lessen your energy, and weaken your immunity. Hence, choosing a wholesome diet low in sugar and high in healthy fats can make you feel more energetic, improve your sleep, and help you look and feel at your best. Some foods which boost mood are – avocados, flaxseed, beans, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. 

V. Proper sleep cycles stimulate mind: It’s often observed that people tend to cut down on their sleep to meet work-related deadlines or personal merriment. This habit can be harmful especially for mental well-being. It can take a toll on your mood, mental sharpness, energy, and stress management. Getting enough sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. 

VI. Seeking to find motivation helps brain cell regeneration: India has the highest suicide rate in South East Asia according to a research by the World Health Organization. What can be the primary reason behind this? The answers might be – depression, lack of feeling needed, unable to feel good about oneself, or leading a purposeless life. So, it’s necessary to engage in activities which give your life a purpose. Not only does it reduce negativity, but also helps the brain to regenerate new cells and create new neural pathways. Some of the other ways to find motivation can be – adopting a pet, volunteering, caregiving, and building new relationships or nurturing the existing ones.

Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure that you follow these methods to keep mental illnesses at bay. It’s a fact that staying fit will take a lot of conviction, however, people 

who are already victims of mental ailments need a lot of support too. Isolating them or negatively labeling them will not help them get better. On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2019, we should try to eradicate the society from this stigma. The way to do that is by increasing community awareness.      

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